Germany is home to some of the best poker players in the world, just look at the results of the WSOP for the last few years, they are a force of aggression and superbly analytical thinking which is ideal for the game of poker. However, online gambling in Germany has taken a battering, since 2008 an Interstate treaty saw all forms of online gambling excluding Horse Racing betting as illegal, however this was thought to be illegal in 2010 and the laws were relaxed. Only B&M casino operators can legally operate online in Germany and there have been some cases in which USERS have been fined for making bets online with non-approved operators. It is now down to each state in Germany whether they will allow online gaming and to whom licenses will be issued.

Schleswig Holstein is one such state which has far more liberal gaming laws, in 2012 they started to allow it’s citizens to place wagers online for sports, casino and poker. They have issued licenses to 50+ sites.

This is a fantastic resource if you wish to read more indepth material on german gambling laws.