Australia is a much sought-after market in recent years. The economy over the is going extremely quickly and player values are shooting up. The strength of the Aussie dollar is constantly rising against euros and US dollars which means bookmakers based in Europe are seeing much more value by going after their customers.

Although Australians have rich history of gambling and it seemed almost every bar or pub as their own mini casino out the back is been a different story online. There has been a lot of regulation online gambling authorities with lots of restrictions put in place on who can operate and how.

In more recent years the Australian government have and conduct restrictions and allow more companies into the country. Although any country wishing to take Australian players must now be based in the country and paying tax. More recently bet365 started operation in the country with some Jackson as the head of the company. This has proven to be an expensive task the company as last year they reported losses of $40 million. This has not deterred the company as they still see long-term potential in the country and are in it for the long game.

Tighter regulations within the country means bet356 of unable to offer certain sports betting markets. Example, in play betting is not allowed for Australian customers either through their browser or using the mobile. Also when advertising their $200 welcome bonus it’s much more restrictive on exactly how this is advertised for example, they cannot say this is $200 in free cash which is fair enough, after all, the only way you can get this bonus is by making a deposit of $200 so it’s obviously not free.

There has been a knock-on effect with this new advertising law in Australia as bet356 have tightened up their advertising on all the other markets around the world they no longer allow websites to tides they are welcome bonus as being free and all sites must carry the terms and conditions of any bet356 offer.